Ed Kirwan Ed Kirwan is an internet marketing consultant specialising in small local business.  Established in 2009 his local services are now available globally. He prides himself as being an online marketing solution for individuals as well as small and medium business enterprises.

He has helped clients  from the US, the UK, Canada, Spain, France, Germany and other European countries. These clients are now able to target their market more accurately and have gained better visibility on the internet.

The goal is to help to business owners gain and improve  their exposure online in the most efficient and cost effective manner. To this end, the emphasis of the service is on generating  natural organic web traffic. In this way the effects of any internet marketing campaign are longer lasting and infinitely more cost effective.

Each business has a custom built marketing package which typically might include search engine optimization, integrated social media marketing, lead generation and email marketing. These are the foundations and ongoing resources on which a business can  build a long lasting and profitable web presence.

We offer you a free consultation so we can get to know your business and you can get to know us.  You will  then find out for yourself the benfits and how effective our small business marketing service can be for your business.

Ed Kirwan

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