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You can break down your marketing into small packages. Below are the current packages we have on offer. Simple choose your package and leave the rest to us.

Indexing Package

Getting indexed is the first step for any new site or web page and is relatively easy. The real challenge is getting ranked high in the search engines and reaching that coveted place – page #1 of the major search engines. Give us the URL and we will ensure that your website is indexed fast by the major search engines and also provide initial backlinks to your site.

Search Engine Submission Package

Supply us with the URL of your site, a short summary and a list of keyword phrases you want optimized. We will do the rest. The search engines and directories we submit your website to are not all “Top Rated” but search engines like Google , Yahoo, Bing and Alexa are among them. Some search engines can take a week or two to crawl your website, so do not expect instant results. We will supply you with a full report of the search engines once the submissions are done.


The importance of backlinks is something your website designer may or may not have told you. If she or he did not then it is something that you, as a small business owner with a website, should be aware of.

Backlinks help your website to be recognised by the search engines. Backlinks can be obtained in various ways and generally the more you have the better. In return, the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will rank your site higher.

Quality backlinks take time to accumulate yet our sophisticated systems will generate up to 6000 backlinks fast. This is a necessary step to help your site to get to page #1 on Google. When the job its done we will send you a list of the profile backlinks that have been created.

Authority backlinks are from websites that end with .edu or .gov. They carry more weight than a .com, .org or .net. They are not easý to come by and should only be applied to a website with some age to it. When you are ready to get this type of “do-follow” backlinks, the rankings of your website will improve quite dramatically.

6-10 backlinks to an established site are more than you need. This package gives you 10 “EDU” or “GOV” authority backlinks to be on the safe side! If you are in the process of optimizing your website this is the type of backlink that you don’t want to miss.

Press Release Package

Press releases are a powerful way to get visitors and backlinks to your website. We will write your personal, professional, business, event or product-related press release based on information you provide. You’ll receive a professional press release that’s clear, concise and ready for publication.

In addition we will manually submit your press release to 10 top Press Release sites.

Article Package

Article writing is the premier way to bring more visitors to your website. With this package our professional writers will write a 300-500 word keyworded article and make further 150 (usually many more) unique articles from this original . We then distribute these “spun” articles to 1400 plus article directories!

Immediately upon submission you will have 275-400 backlinks autoapproved immediately with a lot more to follow once approved. We then submit your links to get them indexed with Google.


Advertising logo and banners are important to your business. Our team of dedictaed designers will create banner ads, audio ads and video ads and logos to your satisfaction.

Banner Ads

Increase your sales using our High resolution professional Web 2.0 Ads Banner. We will send these in any size and format you like such as JPEG, GIF & PNG. Do let us know the banners size you want and send images along the text you would like to be on the banner.

Audio Ads

Audio Ads can be used on websites, voicemails as well as on radio and television! Any style you want Straight voice also an option (in case you want to add to your own jingle or music bed). Use the audio on your YouTube or Facebook page and get more attention! We will send you a ready to air mp3 file. We generally send you more than one take with different music or style to choose from.


Logos for your business website, for your blog or for any kind of page. Our designers will create a logo relating to your business whether it involves products, health, travel, lifestyle, games, services etc. You will receive .psd, pdf, .eps, .jpg, .png & any number of revisions.

Video Package

If you haven’t thought about using video marketing, now is the time to start. According to the latest numbers, YouTube receives over 2 billion page views per day and an estimated 60 million unique visitors per month alone!

Make a movie to promote your business. We will produce a professional 30 second – 2 minute slideshow video and post it on YouTube. This is not only a great opportunity to reach more people and drive more traffic to your website, but videos are also excellent for getting backlinks.

watch this example slideshow video :

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Please note that the turn around time on different packages vary from 3-10 days. We will notify you when to expect delivery upon receipt of your payment notification by PayPal.

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We have other packages such as advertising on a heavily trafficked social network site for one year. If you have specific requirements and would like a custom built Small Business Marketing Package then contact us with your particular requirements.

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