“Super Whammo Deluxe”

SBM Starter Package

Our best selling package will give your business website, Etsy shop or  Blog a great boost. It will help in the Google rankings using keywords and phrases that people are actually looking for as well as give  tons of backlinks to satisfy those little spiders!

This is what you will get

  • One  Banner designed for your business. Choose your size.
  • Backlinks: up to 6000 backlinks to give your website more prominence in the search engines.
  • Authority Backlinks: 10 “do follow” links to your site from .edu and .gov authority websites.
  • Press Release: One well written press release focusing on the latest developments and news from your business. Manually submitted to 10 Press Release sites.
  • Articles: One keyworded article, professionally written. It will inform people about your business and expertise and will  be distributed widely across the internet.
  • Five Tweets: We will Tweet about you to 130,000+ Twitter Followers.
  • One Facebook Fan Page Design: Everyone is on Facebook…
  • One “Project Wonderful” Ad Creation: Project Wonderful brings  positive results at minimal cost.
  • One YouTube Slideshow Video of  Your Products or Services: Gets huge exposure from YouTube.

The Super Whammo Deluxe “I Need More Visitors Now” Starter Package is priced at $125

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